Protect And Restore Your Data

Protect And Restore Your Data

Losing data is everyones worst nightmare. Having a reliable, easy to use backup system is critical for anyone that stores information that cannot be lost.

Computers use mechanical devices called hard drives to store information. They are made up of magnetic disks that spin constantly at over 7000 revolutions per minute while read/write arms move rapidly back and forth across the disk surface the entire time your computer is on. Eventually they wear out and cannot reliably store data anymore.

Most of the time there are no warning signs before a hard drive fails. Eveything can be working fine one day, and the next day the computer will not start. Often, when a hard drive fails, the data on the disk is either very difficult, time consuming and expensive to recover or it is lost permanently. This could mean losing critical information or years of family photographs in the blink of an eye.

Performance Computing can set up a backup system that will protect your data automatically, so you don't have to worry about losing important files. There are options for any budget and requirement. Whether you want to back up a few megabytes of pictures and documents or archive gigabytes of company data for disaster recover or audits, we can help you sleep easier at night.

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