Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

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Performance Computing is now offering an exciting new option for our customers.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance!

For a monthly or yearly fee, we will install a suite of programs on your computer that allow us to remotely monitor and maintain your computer, dramatically reducing costly downtime. This allows us to be more proactive so that we can catch problems in their infancy, before they become disasters.

Think smoke detector with built in sprinkler system instead of fire department!

Using the data collected, we will also prepare and email the reports you would like so you can see what we have done to keep your computer running at its peak /formance.

The suite of programs also includes a remote access program that you control! If you have an issue, you can contact us and give us control of your computer. We cannot access your computer desktop unless you give us access.



Monitoring + Maintenance

Managed Antivirus

Monitoring + Maintenance + Managed Antivirus


$10 Monthly/PC


$100 Yearly/PC

$30 Monthly/PC


$300 Yearly/PC

$10 Monthly/PC


$100 Yearly/PC

$35 Monthly/PC


$350 Yearly/PC


Antivirus not installed  
 Antivirus not running  
Antivirus not updated   
Firewall not running   
Suspicious network traffic   
Windows automatic services not running   
High CPU usage  
High Memory (RAM) usage  
High Network usage  
Hard Drive nearly full  
Network errors  
High CPU tempurature  
Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. status  
System Clock out of sync  
Scheduled Task failure  
Potentially harmful application installed  
Illegal file sharing application installed  
Event Log Errors Coming Soon Coming Soon   Coming Soon


Install Windows System Updates    
Install Updates for Microsoft Applications Including Office    
Reboot machine after patching    
Update 3rd Party Applications, e.g. Java, Flash, Firefox etc.    
Select specific days to apply patches    
Select time to begin patching    
Exclude Specific Applications From Patching    
Exclude Specific Machines From Patching    

Maintenance Tasks

 Delete Temporary Internet FIles    
Delete Temporaray System Files    
Delete Internet Cookies    
Windows Update Cleanup    
Delete Old System Restore Points    
Empty Recycle Bin    
Run CheckDisk To Repair Disk Errors    
Run System File Checker to Fix Corrupt System Files    
 Flush DNS Cache    
Defragment Hard Drives     


Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security    
Advanced Threat Control    
Sandbox Analyzer    
Advanced Firewall    
Content Control - Block Categories of Websites    
1PC Control - Block 1PCs like USB Thumb Drives    
Exchange Protection - Link to Exchange Email Service     
Automatic Program Updates     
Automatic Definition Updates    
Scheduled Scanning    


Executive Summary  
1PC Inventory  
Software Inventory  
Vulnerability Report  
Availability Report  
Compliance Report  
Patching Report  

Antivirus Reporting

Malware Activity    
Firewall Activity    
Blocked Applications    
Blocked Websites    
Endpoint Protection Status    
Security Audit    

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